Thursday, September 13, 2012

Let Go of Attachments and Let God Lead the Way

Most of us have felt fears and insecurity come up in the past decades due to finances, family, or love but I am sure you can agree that no situation was as challenging as what we are going through now.  No matter whom I talk to whether they are rich, middle class, or barely making ends meet, we all seem to have the same problem of feeling stuck, like the flow of opportunities and abundance have suddenly slowed or stopped.  Thousands of people are losing their jobs everyday and it does not matter what their background is. 
When the Mayans predicted 2012 being a crucial time for change, they certainly were not wrong.  The prediction of “the end” is already here, but that “end” does not mean the end of the world.  It means the end of our old and destructive ways of living.  If you look around you will notice that every single one of us, well, maybe not all but majority of us have shut down our connection to the Universe.  The one source that can give us all that we dream of and desire because we are so focused on doing what we think we must do to survive, which is making money.  Most have turned away from the Divine and started to worship money, because we believe if we have money all our dreams and goals will come true.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t disagree that we do need the energy of money to live a good life on mother earth and experience wonderful things, but it becomes an issue when people begin to worship money.  Most have lost the sense of knowing that when you Trust and turn to the Divine for help, all your goals and dreams still come true but more easily and effortlessly. 

It is time to make the shift and until we realize that the path to love, peace, happiness, abundance, and prosperity is God, we will continue to struggle.  This struggle is not given to us from the Universe, we are experiencing it because we choose to.  We all have free will and we are responsible for the experiences we go through. 

To free ourselves from all this drama is simple, we must learn to Trust, Let Go and Let God!  To begin, create a simple one sentence positive affirmation for yourself and repeat it everyday.  Example: I now chose to free myself and let go of all illusions of fears, worries, and insecurities. Instead, I Trust that with the help from the Universal energies (God, Angels, Ascended Masters…what ever energy or source you believe in) I easily attract all my goals and dreams, abundance and prosperity. 

Remember, to be open and allow the flow to come from all directions.  Meaning don’t tell the Universe the source where you want your abundance to come from but allow and be open for your abundance to come from unlimited sources.  Trust me on this! When I did this, my entire life changed from drama and chaos to peace, love, tranquility, and prosperity.  I now teach my clients how to make this shift.

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