Saturday, November 16, 2013

Secret To a Successful Life

The secret to a successful and fulfilling life is having inner peace.  We don’t realize that every decision we make determines the level of our physical, mental, and emotional happiness.  True success is determined by how happy and how fulfilling our life is.  It is not the constant greed of obtaining more material.  Looking at society from celebrities to the average individual what I see is that no one is truly happy or fulfilled with their life.  No one is experiencing and living in the moment.  They are not enjoying life because they are either experiencing constant fear of lack, constant fear of losing what they have, or in the greed to obtain more and more.  They are stuck in the illusion of obtaining more for the future to have a false sense that they are “safe and secure” now.  When in all reality safety and security only comes from Source.  No material in the world has the capacity to guarantee our safety and security.  The material things we experience in life only provide temporary gratification.  
True success in life comes from inner peace, live in the present moment, and enjoy  life on a mental, emotional, and physical level.