Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tips to Stay Positive during Tough Times

Did you know that the key to living a healthy and happy life is positive thinking?

Our mind is the most powerful part of our physical being and it can only hold one emotion, thought, or feeling.  If we are drowning ourselves in the negative, we attract more of it into our lives, but if we consciously choose to focus on positive thoughts, emotions, and feelings, we shift that energy and attract more positive experiences into our lives.  It is a lot easier than you think because positive energy is more powerful than negative. 

Now is the best time for all of us to consciously awaken and begin to make the positive shift in the world and in our lives.  So many millions of people are currently living in state of fear they are creating toxic energy in the world, which explains why we are all experiencing turmoil and tragedy around the globe.  Remember, you are not in your power or in control when you allow negative thoughts and feelings to take over.  Make a commitment to create this positive shift with these easy tools and you will see your life transform. 

You always feel and remain in the power of your mind, body, and spirit by focusing on positive thoughts.  Even the smallest positive thought in your mind creates powerful energy in your body.  Therefore, chose to stay positive with these simple yet powerful tools.

1.    Limit your interaction with negative people because those who are buried in the negative love to vent their emotions, thoughts, and feelings onto the next person.  If you can’t escape from the situation, create a visual of a barrier (like a metal shield, wall, curtain, energy…or whatever feels comfortable to you) between yourself and that individual and that barrier will shied you from that energy.  Just like a muscle, the more you use this technique the more powerful it becomes. 

2.    When you come across stressful situations, such as arguments, don’t allow the negative energy to take over.  Walk away from it, cool down then address the person or situation with a clear and focused mind.  Since our mind can only focus on one emotion, thought, or feeling focus on positive words such as calm, relaxed…and soon you will notice all those negative thoughts and emotions have left your mind and body.  You can choose to let others bring you down or you can choose to bring yourself up. Every time you are with a negative person, you have the choice to view him/her in a positive light. The more you practice being positive on a daily basis and make it an active choice in your life, the easier it will become to cope with negative people and situations.

3.    The most powerful tip is for you to allow yourself time to meditate every day for 15-30 minutes.  When I say meditate I don’t mean sit in a quiet place and empty your mind like a monk.  Living in our physical world it is almost impossible to free ourselves from our constant conscious thought patterns.  What I do mean is give yourself the gift of putting some new age or classic music that helps you relax and unwind.  For those 15-30 minutes only keep your focus on your goals, dreams or any thought that brings you the feelings of love, joy, and happiness.  Remember, the more positives you focus on in this relaxed state, the more quickly you manifest your goals and dreams into your life.  You can do this in a bath tub, sitting, in nature or any place that brings you peace.  As you give yourself permission to practice this process more and more on a weekly basis you will notice positive shifts in your life.  You will become more positive, have more focus and clarity, and your body will experience more health and vitality.  

Make a commitment to follow these tips and watch your life transform! 

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