Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Are you going through a tough time?  Does it seem like everything in your life is falling apart?

My answer to these questions is, Let go and Surrender all illusions of fear and worry. 

Currently, thousands of people are experiencing unemployment, their homes are endangered or already lost, the bills are piling up, or there is an illness in the family.  We must look at these challenges as opportunities for us to surrender and allow change to come.  Majority of the time this happens to us because we are too worried to let go of situations that are no longer working for us, because we are afraid of the unknown.

Often our feelings of lack bring up fears and worries that we have buried deep in our minds and hearts.  That is why we must repeatedly practice Surrender.  Learning to let go or Surrendering the need to control every situation in our lives is key.  Remember, when you Surrender it to the Higher Power Consciousness don't send a list of requirements on how you want it to be done.  Just let go and Trust/Believe that the end result will exceed your expectations because you chose not to limit yourself. 

Keep in mind that our Higher Self/Consciousness always offers two paths.  To achieve our goals easily or the most difficult and challenging way.  Almost always, we choose the most challenging path because although we are not happy with our current situation, that is our known.  This year, give yourself the gift to choose the easier path.

Choosing the easy path means achieving all your goals and dreams by Surrendering all worries, fears, insecurities... to the Universe.  What this simply means is that when you see nothing else works and everything around you is falling a part, it is really is a sign of positive change coming, because unless the current situation clears up you will not have the opportunity to move towards your goals and dreams.  So in reality, all negative situations in our lives are blessings in disguise. 

This is the perfect time for you to tap into or connect to your Higher Power Consciousness/Universal Energies, which in reality is already within us, a part of us and meditate, let go of all fears and focus on your true hearts desires.  Be creative, visualize and feel yourself already enjoying that goal/dream.  Keep positive or happy thoughts and focus on your goals with unwavering Faith. (With Faith Anything Is Possible, and Without It Nothing Is Possible)

This process needs to be done repeatedly or as often as needed, because majority of us do not like to surrender and let go of our control willingly and completely.  Some that do, see immediate positive results.  For those of us who think that by letting go we are losing control, which in fact we have already lost control since everything around us is going South, must turn within in, and  Surrender all the illusions of fears and worries knowing deep inside our hearts that our goals and dreams are being worked our behind the scenes and just because we don't see them happening right this moment does not mean they are not going to happen. 

In the beginning you will feel like nothing is changing.  Don't get discouraged.  Be Patient because practicing and learning how to Surrender always yields to happier and more positive outcomes. Just keep your thoughts and intentions on the end result and take steps to move forward.  Don't sit on the couch and wait for it to fall down from the sky.  The key here is to Surrender, Trust, and hold the Faith in the unseen energies of the Higher Power Consciousness and allow them to bring it to you.
When you receive the blessings accept them with love, gratitude, and appreciation, since the Law of Attraction states that the more you appreciate, the more positives you attract into your life.    

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